Mutton Side Dish

Indian Mutton Recipes-Tender, flavorsome, succulent and sensational! If these words are enough to get you salivating, then these recipes are definitely going to take you to seventh heaven. From the classic Lamb Korma to we bring you the best of mutton dishes. Mutton is a tough and strongly-flavored meat that needs to be marinated and cooked well to bring out its unique taste.

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Spicy Organic Masala

We use Spicy Masala & Organic Grocey Prodcuts .

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We use cooking Organic Cold Press oil only

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We use Traditional South Indian & North Indain Food

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Mutton Side Dish

Mutton Side Dish Menu

  • Mutton Gravy  (1kg)  – ₹ – 1100
  • Fish Fry 
  • Fish 65
  • Mutton Pepper Gravy – ₹ 1100
  • Fish Masala
  • Mutton Chettinadu Gravy – ₹ 1100
  • Fish Chilly

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