Veg Biryani Menu

We at The Wedding Veg  Biriyani have worked day and night considering a solitary mission – to give you a wedding Veg Biriyani feast. On-request.

Our menu is created to give you the true insight of eating at a regular ” Traditional ” feast. We have joined the conventional cooking rehearses with current innovation and an all around prepared care staff to give you, the genuine Veg  biriyani – Come today and experience our warm wedding stylistic layout and devour credible wedding Veg  biriyani, or request to have a similar encounter conveyed to your doorstep. 

What We Do

Spicy Organic Masala

We use Spicy Masala & Organic Grocey Prodcuts .

Cold Press Oil

We use cooking Organic Cold Press oil only

Our Traditional Chef

We use Traditional South Indian & North Indain Food

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Veg Biryani –  ₹ 80/-

Veg Biryani Menu

  • Basmathi Rice Biryani
  • Brinjal Curry
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Onion Raitha
  • Sweet
  • Banana Leaf 

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